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Online Casino: How Much Do I Need to Make Money Online in Malaysia?


Casinos have always been portrayed as glamorous in media and movies, exclusively for rich people or high rollers to wager astronomical bets. Films like James Bond and the Oceans franchise always put their protagonists in a place of glitz and glamour, wearing a smart suit. The same can be seen in Genting Highlands, flocks of rich tourists from China, and the Middle East surround tables with a sign that reads ‘minimum bet RM500’. That certainly would make everyone wonder, is gambling for rich people only? An even better question is, for online casino players who would like to make money online in Malaysia, does that mean gambling online is only for the rich too? 

The short answer is gambling is not exclusively a wealthy people’s game. While some high-stakes gambling activities may be associated with wealthier individuals, gambling is a form of entertainment that is accessible to people of various financial backgrounds. In fact, the gambling industry caters to a wide range of players with varying budgets which is a great opportunity for anyone to make money online in Malaysia.

Online Gambling in Malaysia


Oftentimes, many land-based casinos may have kicked themselves for keeping an image of a luxurious brand. By imposing dress codes for entry, it has turned some prospects away, especially when it gives the wrong idea that it’s a rich men’s game. Hence, the rise of online casinos has significantly become popular in bridging this gap. Online platforms have increased the accessibility of gambling to a broader audience by offering a wide selection of games with various betting options, making them much easier for players with different financial capacities than a land-based casino could. 

Additionally, many online casinos provide low deposit requirements, allowing individuals to start playing with small amounts of money. Most Malaysian online casinos only impose a minimum deposit of RM20 to enter the virtual entertainment hub. They also offer convenient deposit methods such as bank transfer, e-wallet and even with cryptocurrency. Hence, accessibility has made gambling much more inclusive and available to people from diverse financial backgrounds than ever before, enabling everyone to make money online in Malaysia.

Wide Range of Betting Options


Online gambling platforms cater to players with different budgets by empowering them with the option to change the bet amount. Players can choose games with varying minimum and maximum bet limits, allowing them to wager amounts that align with their financial capabilities. Whether you have a modest budget or prefer to place higher stakes, there are always games available to suit your needs. Although the bet limit differs from provider to provider, the average minimum bet at online casinos in Malaysia is RM0.20 for slot games, RM3.00 for live dealer games and RM1.00 for sportsbooks. Not unaffordable at all! 

Of cause, it goes without saying the bigger your bet the bigger the wins. Take slot games for example where players align symbols across paylines. The more symbol matches on one or more paylines, the more prize combinations and the bigger the win. If you place your bets at the minimum, the game will turn some of the paylines off which means you will not be able to win the highest prize. 

True Stories - How They Make Money Online in Malaysia Casino


So how much do you need, to make money from online casinos in Malaysia? We have asked two online casino patrons and they have shared their insights. Alice (not her real name) was figuring out ways to make money online in Malaysia during the Movement Control Order in 2020. While she is aware of making money online on social media platforms or streaming, she finds herself too timid to speak in front of a camera. Since that is a no-go, she found online casinos in Malaysia and saw the potential to make money online despite being in Malaysia where gambling is controversial, As a fulltime student, she set herself a budget of RM200 per month and placed bets of no more than RM10 per round. She carefully sticks to a few games that have many paylines and as few reels as possible. She would sometimes purchase in-game powerups like free spins or multiplier boosters. To this date, she has made RM80,000. 


Ng has been a fan of roulette for the longest time. Before playing online, he would frequent Genting Highlands casino every fortnight. He shared that even though Genting Highland casino is business as usual now, he continues to play online to avoid the crowds and safety reasons since COVID is still around. Ng has a bigger bankroll, allowing him to fork out RM5,000 a month and as a veteran for more than 10 years in the game. He is confident in his skills and strategies. Because of his consistent spending on a single casino, his royalty has been recognized by the Play88 VIP team. Throughout his years of playing, he has constantly been gifted with VIP exclusive bonuses, concert tickets, fine dining sessions and holiday trips. Ng shared that he has never been a VIP member in Genting Highland before and he felt he was getting more bang for his buck from the online casino. 



There is always something for everyone in the world of online casinos. Online casinos allow players to wager small or large amounts according to their personal preferences and financial means. No longer do you need to have a high income to be a part of the community. Whether it’s placing modest bets on slot machines or participating in high stake poker tournaments, individuals from different socioeconomic backgrounds can engage in gambling activities. However, having a budget in mind is important to have a budget in mind and decide how much you can realistically afford to spend.

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