Malaysia Casino Review

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Originally hailing from Malaysia, Mega888 has now achieved international and regional success by injecting creativity into a variety of the games that it offers. Moreover, Mega888 also gives unfiltered access to online casinos as well as slot games and even a live dealer casino to boot — which also lends itself to the company’s success.

Aside from those, Mega888’s success is also due to its commitment to providing an enjoyable and fun casino environment. Mega888 has teamed up with the best online casino software developers in order to provide the ideal infrastructure for gaming at the highest levels.

Speaking of the games, there is certainly a wide berth when it comes to the games here that Mega888 has graciously contributed to the platform. From oriental-themed slots to exotically placed locales to the classic Vegas-style games of yesteryear, you’ll find plenty of options among these Mega888 slot titles.


918Kiss is well-known among the new players’ community for its large selection of beginner-friendly games, perks, as well as a host of regularly scheduled promotions.

918Kiss has a wide range of games to suit both novice and seasoned players with over 100 mini-slot games currently making up its portfolio. This amount is certainly comparable to that of other top slot game providers. 

There are many options available here, including games that allow for very low stakes (as low as 1 cent). Conversely, games that cater to the high-rollers are also available. However, the cheapest options are typically the best way for beginners to get started with the slots without worrying about losing large sums in bets.

Recommendations-wise, there’s the ever-popular Ocean King that you could look into. And while this game is not technically a slot game, it is still a fairly well-received fish hunting game. Otherwise, if you’d prefer something a little retro then Robin Hood is a popular choice for both new and experienced players.

These are just a few of the many games that have been made available by 918Kiss. Do take the time to look through our catalogue of 918Kiss games and see for yourself which one will be the most fun to you.

Joker casino review


Joker is one of the most well-known sites that has expanded beyond mobile gaming to enter a new era in the online casino market since its launch way back then. While the company isn’t exactly a pioneer in this area, it’s still worth a look if your goal is to get started with online gaming. 

Joker’s games are easy to pick up and is also equipped with the latest graphics, features, and soundtrack to keep you entertained throughout your playtime. The games contributed by Joker is also highly diverse with over 450 different games to pick from.

And in terms of the games, you definitely won’t go wrong by picking any one of the many games available here on Play88. For instance, the gritty and realistic Football Strike may strike your fancy. Otherwise, the vibrant world of Money Vault or Empress Regent may better suit your tastes. 

Of course, you should still try the other games that are offered by Joker. Who knows, you may find a game that is perfect for your play style and budget level.


Asia Gaming

If you’re a fan of live dealer casinos, then you would have heard about Asia Gaming (AG), an established online casino provider that is not only famous for its live casino solutions but also a string of fun and exciting slot games. 

Established in 2012, AG has begun its foray into the oft profitable world of slot games, table games, and even a few varieties of poker games. In particular, the slot games are some of the best and newest offerings that the popular Asian-based company has to offer.

All of the AG slot titles were developed to feature a few levels of variances from low to medium to even a couple of high variance games that may sometimes give the lucky few a windfall.

At the core of AG’s diverse casino platform, you’ll also find several influences from many of the company’s collaborators such as XIN Gaming, Microgaming, and more.

This cooperation between many of the industry’s biggest names is also likely a major contributing factor to AG’s quick rise to the top of the market today.