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Top 5 Best Mega888 Slots Games in Malaysia

Picking out the perfect online slot game is easier said than done — especially when you consider the massive selection of online slot games available on Mega888 Malaysia. You need to take many factors into consideration like your preferred online slot game playing style, your risk appetite, and your budget when it comes to choosing an online slot game.
The good news is there is a rise in the number of Mega888’s online slot games gaining popularity and warm welcome by Malaysian players due to various reasons (which we will briefly explain in this article). Here are the top five Mega888 online slot games in Malaysia that you should check out.

1. Aladdin’s Wishes

Harkening back to the classic Disney animation, Aladdin’s Wishes is the perfect online slot game for fans of fantasies and mystical stories. Like the movie, you’ll find an assortment of whimsical characters including flying carpets, magic lamps, villains, the titular character, and the genie acting as the symbols in the game.
Theme aside, this is one of the best online slot games you can play at Mega888 for above-average payouts. Aladdin’s Wishes is a five-reel, 25-payline online slot game with cool magical animations, great-quality graphics, and crisp sound effects.
Other than that, the game plays like most other similar online slot games. Your goal (for higher rewards) is to land three or more magic lamps anywhere on the reels. Players will also be able to utilize the Wild symbols in the game to replace any one of the symbols in order to trigger a win. Otherwise, rolling the Scatter symbols will reward players with a maximum of 25 free spins.

2. Crazy 7

For the minimalist at heart, this particular retro-inspired online slot game (developed and provided by the one and only Playtech) will definitely be one to look out for the next time you play at Mega888.
Crazy 7 features the most simple gameplay found at Mega888, with only a single payline in a three-reel grid format greeting fans when they boot up the game. Also, fans of the vintage facade of the Las Vegas-style slot machines will be elated to know that Crazy 7 has taken this inspiration to heart as its reels are decorated by the familiar kaleidoscope of red, green, and blue hues.
Gameplay-wise, you place a bet, click on spin, and wait for the results. That’s all there is to it. And because of its aesthetic appeal coupled with straightforward gameplay, Crazy 7 has become one of the best online slot games among fans of Mega888 in Malaysia.

3. Boy King’s Treasure

Boy King’s Treasure is another throwback to the classic days of Vegas where the themes of the slot games seemingly come to life each time you pulled the lever. These days, you’ll find many similarly themed slot games available at many online casinos, including Mega888.
The Boy King’s Treasure is a five-reel, 20-payline online slot game based on the theme of ancient Egypt and the mystified Pharaohs that once ruled it. And while the Egyptian theme is considered to be played out at this point, Boy King’s Treasure has successfully brought it back to the modern age with updated graphics, great sound effects, and a rewarding payout system.

4. Gold Rush

Developed by world-famous gaming software developer, Pragmatic Play, Gold Rush is yet another callback to an era long past our modern times. In Gold Rush, the online slot game theme is everything and anything related to the great American gold rush of the 1800s.
At an RTP of 96.5%, Gold Rush is also one of the most generous online slot games at Mega888 in terms of the potential payout.
The five-reel slot game is set in an old mining shaft and features plenty of thematic elements from this olden era including the miner, the donkey, a cart of gold, and more. Matching symbols on any one of the 25 paylines available in this game, like many other similar online slot games, will allow you to strike gold (pun very much intended).
Otherwise, the dynamite symbol in Gold Rush is used as the Wild symbol when you really need that last symbol to form a winning combination on the reels.
Free spins are also available if you land some Scatters. These symbols only appear on reels 2, 3, and 4. As soon as you line up at least three, you’ll be given 10 free spins!

5. Lucky Little Gods

It is quite evident that Lucky Little Gods was developed to cater to the China market. This five-reel, three-row Microgaming creation was inspired by Asian culture though you can still play the game even if you aren’t familiar with this particular theme.
Firstly, Lucky Little Gods has excellent graphics behind its colourful cutesy exterior. But more importantly, this slot online game features a rather high RTP of 96.75%, perfect for newbie players and even veterans.
Lucky Little Gods also features quirky Wild symbols along with some adorable-looking Scatters. Landing on these symbols will give players even more opportunities for additional bonus prizes and free spins. 
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