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What Are The Most Popular Payment Methods Offered by Online Casinos in Malaysia and Singapore?

Online transactions. Cashless payments. E-wallets. Scary words for the uninitiated but those who make use of them claim they can never really go back to using physical cash! In fact, many service providers nowadays don’t even accept physical cash transactions!  

So, for those interested in playing in online casinos, especially in Malaysia and Singapore, your only option is to get with the times and use one of these payment methods!  

Digital payments have only recently been adopted by the general public but they are definitely here to stay, particularly in the online casino industry! So, without further ado, our 1st online casino payment method is: 


An e-wallet is an online platform or app that allows you to make purchases with retailers on-site and/or transfer money to other parties. An e-wallet is easy to set up albeit it usually requires a linked bank account to make payments. The most popular e-wallets to use for online casinos in Malaysia and Singapore are:  

1. GrabPay

GrabPay is an offshoot of the main Grab app which allows users to conveniently pay for just about any service including online casino transactions! This enduring fixture of Malaysian and Singaporean life is popular for a reason: It’s quick, easy, and is accepted just about everywhere!  

Plus, instead of just paying directly through your bank account, you can use GrabPay to earn various perks, discounts and rewards, all of which are readily accessible through the app itself!

2. Touch 'n Go

Touch ‘n Go (TNG) is just about the most popular e-wallet in Malaysia and its use is ubiquitous. Starting out as a smart card, Touch ‘n Go now also exists as an e-wallet with an easy set up and intuitive interface, making it a heavy favourite for all manner of businesses and services including many online casino providers. 

3. DBS

Exclusively for Singaporeans, DBS PayLah! is an e-wallet option payment offered by DBS bank. Its popularity is owed to its well-rounded and easy to use nature. Plus, the fact that most Singaporeans already have a DBS account definitely doesn’t hurt! Users can seamlessly pay for goods and services, transfer funds to bank accounts, and earn reward points when they spend. 

Online Banking

Most casinos accept bank transfers so you’ll only need a bank account and card as well as internet access with an electronic device to perform a transaction with an online casino. The following are the most common bank card types:  

1. Visa

The largest issuer of credit and debit cards worldwide is Visa. It is readily available almost everywhere including Malaysia and Singapore. Its sheer popularity and ubiquity makes it the preferred payment option for many online gamblers and online casinos.  

2. Mastercard

In terms of popularity and accessibility, the MasterCard network comes in second place only to Visa. However, MasterCard typically offers better Return Protection, meaning this entitles you to a refund if you pay a shady website or service provider which may give you extra peace of mind when engaging with online casinos.  

3. American Express (AMEX)

American Express may lag slightly behind Visa and MasterCard in terms of accessibility but it has many additional perks. For example, many AMEX cards provide reward programmes like cashback and airmiles. Nonetheless, American Express is still a popular choice for online casinos due to its ease of use. 


Cryptocurrency, simply put, is a new form of currency that exists digitally or virtually and uses cryptography to secure transactions. It is not reliant on a central authority such as a government or bank and is not commonly accepted as currency at the moment so do be careful. However, it IS still a currency accepted in many online casinos and some have even become full-fledged crypto casinos! Here are two of the most popular cryptocurrencies: 

1. Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the largest and most popular cryptocurrency by market cap. It was also one of the earliest to utilize Blockchain technology and has significant legacy name value. Most online casinos that accept cryptocurrency would also accept Bitcoin. However, do take careful note of Bitcoin’s volatility especially recently and trade in it judiciously! 

2. Ethereum

Ethereum is another popular cryptocurrency and one of Bitcoin’s biggest competitors. What sets Ethereum apart from Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is that Ethereum allows developers to build other cryptocurrencies like Chainlink, and to introduce digital assets such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Its popularity and unique selling points make Ethereum another commonly accepted cryptocurrency in online casinos. 

To Sum It All Up….

Yes! You can make payments in online casinos in Malaysia and Singapore using e-wallets, online banking, and cryptocurrency. However, the availability of each depends on your location and which online casino you’re playing in so ALWAYS double check before you commit! 

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