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The Best Cryptocurrencies to Use in Online Casinos in Malaysia and Singapore

By now, you would have read or heard about the cryptocurrency called Bitcoin, or its innovative use cases like allowing players to deposit at online casinos anonymously. To most it may appear to be another trading stock, so why is cryptocurrency rising in popularity?

On a high level, cryptocurrency is a form of digital money. While it is also possible to digitally manage and transfer your traditional currency (such as the U.S. dollar), this is not the same as owning cryptocurrency. What makes cryptocurrencies different is that they are a decentralized and more democratic alternative to government-based money, which also means players can safely transact with a casino without revealing much of their personal details.

Ethereum – ETH

One of the most popular cryptocurrency platforms that made its name in 2015. It shares a lot of similarities with Bitcoin in principles of distribution and cryptography, however its native token, Ether is much more affordable. You can expect using Ether to transact will be lightning fast as its network is backed by a powerful network that could complete validation of an Ethereum block in up to 12 seconds.

Litecoin - LTC

An even more affordable cryptocurrency, Litecoin was founded after seeing how the tendency of Bitcoin of leaning towards centralization. Litecoin adopted many features of Bitcoin but improved, especially the proof-of-work system that relies on access to memory instead of relying on the central processing unit (CPU) or graphic processing unit (GPU) of a device. Because of this, you can expect the transaction speed of Litecoin to be a lot faster than Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Cash – BCH

Do not let the name confuse you, Bitcoin Cash is another spin-off of its cousin Bitcoin with more emphasis on speed and cost. Much like other alt-coins, it is an attempt to capture the appetite of people who favour faster transaction speeds at lower cost. However, the velocity may also mean a compromise to vulnerability. Even so, due to its inexpensiveness, it is still a good alternative for players who values casinos that emphasize speedy deposit and withdrawal process time.

Dogecoin – DOGE

Generally, we do not recommend taking an internet meme seriously. However, you cannot deny Dogecoin’s popularity in recent times. It is even backed by arguably the most important innovator of modern history, Elon Musk. Due to its constant improvement and the willingness of multiple social media platforms to make it easier to transact, Dogecoin is going to retain its value and will only be a matter of time whereby more online casinos will accept it as payment.

Tether – USDT

Tether is one of the newest cryptocurrencies in the arena, and it has already proven its worth for being a “Stable coin”. It is a less volatile cryptocurrency as it pledges to play “safe” by pegging its market value to conventional commodities such as gold and the U.S. dollar. It is often the choice of people who are entering the crypto world for the first time and because of this, online casinos are more willing to accept them.  


Although these are some of the popular altcoins that are widely accepted in Malaysia and Singapore, there are well over 50 cryptocurrencies to choose from. And while it may seem confusing, we think the beauty of it is having more payment options to choose from to ensure players’ transaction is always fast and secure.

But if you’re not yet ready for the crypto world, do not fret! Conventional payment methods are not going to vanish anytime soon, and you can still enjoy the same secured payment as the cryptocurrency method. Sign up and find out more, including an Exclusive Welcome Bonus for new members!