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A Review of Pragmatic Play’s Sweet Bonanza Slot Game

Calling all health-conscious people out there, how about some sweet, sweet desserts that won’t elevate your glucose levels? And if you also can’t get enough of the Candy Crush saga, Sweet Bonanza may be the ultimate slot game you have been wanting, with a twist of winning real money!

What to Expect:

Just like Candy Crush, Sweet Bonanza is simple, easy to learn, and easy to play. The simplicity is also why the game appeals to older demographics who reminisce about retro games such as Tetris and Bejeweled. With a burst of colour from a Willy Wonka-type world, you’re literally in for a treat with an assortment of candies and fruits on the reels that jiggles every time you spin. However, this world of imagination is not just all about aesthetics and creative expression. Sweet Bonanza is a 6-reel, win-all-ways slot which means the winning combinations sets off chain reactions whereby winning symbols are removed and replaced with new ones. Winning consecutively here is not just a sweet dream here!

The Candy Buffet Table

Sweet Bonanza has a relatively large 6×5 playground at your disposal, with candy and fruit symbols that come with different prizes. Below is the pay table for your reference:


8 – 9 Symbols Payout

10 – 11 Symbols Payout

12+ Symbols Payout


MYR 0.25

MYR 0.75

MYR 2.00


MYR 0.40

MYR 0.90

MYR 4.00


MYR 0.50

MYR 1.00

MYR 5.00


MYR 0.80

MYR 1.20

MYR 8.00


MYR 1.00

MYR 1.50

MYR 10.00

Blue Candy

MYR 1.50

MYR 2.00

MYR 12.00

Green Candy

MYR 2.00

MYR 5.00

MYR 15.00

Purple Candy

MYR 2.50

MYR 10.00

MYR 25.00

Heart-shaped Candy

MYR 10.00

MYR 25.00

MYR 50.00


Special Symbol

4 Symbols Payout

5 Symbols Payout

6 Symbols Payout


MYR 3.00

MYR 5.00

MYR 10.00


It Pays Anywhere!

The beautiful part of Sweet Bonanza is that it has no restrictive pay lines like conventional slot games. So long as you land enough symbols of the same kind, you win! It also features the Tumble game engine whereby winning symbols would disappear after every spin. The remaining symbols will then fall to the bottom of the reels and empty rows will be replaced with symbols from above. Can you guess what might happen next? It means the continuous tumbling will keep on going until there are no more winning combinations. That’s up to a massive 21,1000 times bonus, literally raining cash!

Moreover, the game features free spins right off the bat which are determined by the lollipop symbols. Apart from winning a payout, the 10 free spins sequence is triggered right off the bat when 4 or more lollipops are landed. Additionally, 5 free spins will also be rewarded whenever 3 or more lollipops land during the free spins!

With a sugar rush comes the inevitable instant withdrawal to help you feel the excitement. So, when you’re ready to feel like a kid in a candy store, head on over to sign up for an account and be ready to get even more surprises with the generous welcome bonus!