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What Is ChatGPT and How to Use to Win At Online Casino


ChatGPT has taken the world by storm and has been a controversial topic among many. While some are excited over the advancement in technology, many see it as an existential threat that could put their jobs or businesses at risk. Take online casinos for example, a technologically dependent industry that constantly evolves and adopts new technologies. It must be unnerving to see the news of how people have been winning the lottery and jackpots with the help of ChatGPT. In this article, we explore what this wonder tool is and how you can use ChatGPT too to win 4D, slots, pokers and other gambling games.

What is ChatGPT?

So just what is ChatGPT and how does it work? Without getting too technical, ChatGPT is an Artificial Intelligence chatbot that can speak human-like language and have natural conversations with a human. This AI technology is capable of learning about the world using human feedback and extensive dataset found on the internet, books and other text sources. You can think of it like a wise person who knows it all and is ready to answer any topics you throw at it. Not only that, but you can even change its ‘behaviour’ by giving it a role. For example, you can tell ChatGPT to become a screenplay writer and instruct it to write a script. Unlike everyone’s favourite search engine – Google, ChatGPT is insanely good at generating human-like responses to any queries you throw at it and solving problems through textual conversation. No wonder it got Google CEO issued a declaration of ‘Code Red’ after seeing how ChatGPT can pose a serious threat to its main business model. 

As of today, ChatGPT is free to use with limitations that can be unlocked by a paid subscription. However, we find the free version sufficient in helping us to make better decisions and earned real money off online casinos. Without further adios, here are the tried and tested techniques you can use ChatGPT to win yourself some real money.

Terms & Conditions Analysis, Bonus and Promotion Optimization

If you ever get so tired of reading the small prints on an online casino, you can have ChatGPT to read it instead. Simply copy and paste the entire T&Cs to ChatGPT for analysis and it will suddenly become the spoke person of the casino! In our experiment, we copied the whole T&Cs of an online casino’s welcome bonus to ChatGPT and it was indeed able to handle all our questions accurately! This is the prompt we used:

“Read this and help me find what is the promotion period of this bonus and rollover requirements. What is the best bonus for a sportsbook fan like me if I were to deposit MYR1,000?”

Here’s what ChatGPT replies: 

Would you look at that? Apart from giving accurate information, ChatGPT even recommends taking a welcome bonus that is fitting to our budget by doing a comparison with other bonuses! Customer service please take note!


“Just pick random numbers!”, says people who buy the lottery such as Toto 4D and Magnum. However, it is never quite random, isn’t it? In fact, you’d have to squeeze your head to think of the numbers or keep an eye out for real-life events that would somehow give you the magic numbers. Quite exhausting if you ask us. With ChatGPT, you no longer have to do the thinking, just get it to generate the random numbers for you. Moreover, you can even give it specific rules, such as “Give me 4 digits between 0 to 9”. This method was used by a lucky Singaporean student who won a lottery worth more than RM 8 million as a result.


Slot Game

While choices are good, too many can be overwhelming. When there are thousands and thousands of online slot game in Malaysia picking the best one is not easy. With ChatGPT, it can help you pick the games with high Return To Player (RTP) rates by narrowing them down the list. Simply copy the list of games from an online casino and tell ChatGPT to sort the games by highest RTP rate to the lowest.

In addition, you can get ChatGPT to list out the jackpots of every game too. This is useful because you can have an idea of how frequently a game tends to pay out compared to the others. For example, games with smaller jackpots are ideal for players who prefer frequent quick wins rather than winning big but less frequently from games with huge progressive jackpots.

Sports Betting

One of the best things about ChatGPT is its powerful API that allows thirdparty developers to integrate with other applications. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a coder to enjoy this feature as many programmers have made these sports betting bots possible already. One of these applications is called WagerGPT. This ‘hack’ was reportedly so powerful, that it uses Twitter to gather information such as the latest games statistics,head-to-head records, and so on to provide real-time insights and analysis. This chatbot can be exploited to process a large amount of data and identify trends and patterns that could easily be missed by human eyes.


Another way of using ChatGPT is to find out detailed reports of past matches. This is similar to how a football analyst collects historic betting data of football matches and uses a spreadsheet to produce statistics and probability to predict the outcome of the next game. With ChatGPT you can ask it for information such as home or away, possession, number of goals, substitution etc. and produce the report. In our test, we asked ChatGPT to give us the probability tables of the English Premier League. This is what it returned: 

It has given us league tables of all the EPL teams and data such as the number of goals, home or away, defences, match results etc. By using this information, ChatGPT was able to work out the probability of the matches and ranks the teams. How cool is that!


ChatGPT has made us believe the future is here. It has amazed us in every way with what it can do to beat the odds against online casinos in just seconds. However, no matter how smart ChatGPT seems to be, it is worth noting that the technology is not fully operational without human intervention. We recommend only using ChatGPT as a guideline and not as a tool that can guarantee you to win at online casinos. It is important to empower yourself to make your own judgement and practise responsible gambling. For now, it would be interesting to see how far ChatGPT will take us and how the world of online casinos would react to this unstoppable piece of technology. 

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