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What Are The Differences Between Sic Bo and Craps

In one corner, you have the game of Craps which is one of the most well-known dice games in the online casino world. And in the other corner, there’s Sic Bo — a similarly popular dice game that has its origins based in and around the Asia and China regions. Coincidentally (or not), Sic Bo is a lot more popular in its birth region and is often played in many online casinos, while Craps is more popular with western players. 

Now, you may be wondering which game is better. Let’s look at the similarities first.   

Craps and Sic Bo are both games of chance involving dice. In each round, either you or the dealer throws a few dice multiple times and you, as the player, will try to guess the outcome of each throw. The main difference here is how you win, as well as the betting options that are available for each game.   

Sic Bo VS Craps

With Sic Bo, there are a variety of ways to win based on how many numbers come up on the dice, what they add up to, and more. However, it is also strictly considered a game of chance as the results are either a win or a loss with little to no strategising involved. This also makes Sic Bo a highly beginner-friendly game. In fact, there are a ton of resources on the Internet for you to learn about the strategies around the game or guides on how to play Sic Bo. 

On the flip side, Craps involves a lot more strategising compared to Sic Bo and it requires a better understanding of how to play it right in order for you to get a good return.  Although it’s not as beginner-friendly, the game definitely has a fan base. Plus, the thrill of being in control of your own destiny (you throw the dice in Craps, whereas in Sic Bo, the dealer does it) just makes it all that more exciting in our eyes.  

Additionally, Sic Bo also has a much higher house edge compared to Craps. In Sic Bo, you can expect the house edge to be around 2.78%, while the Craps house edge starts at about 1.41%. If you’re looking to get better payouts or bigger jackpots then playing Sic Bo may be a better choice for you.  


Overall, both Craps and Sic Bo offer their own fun and excitement in their own unique ways which appeals to a wide range of players. At the end of the day though, if we were given a choice between the two, we’d have to say that Sic Bo would be our choice. 

Not only is Sic Bo an exciting game but it is also easy for beginners to understand how the game works and the mechanics around it. Plus, with its high house edge, there’s always the potential for higher payouts or bigger jackpots if you’re lucky enough! So if you’re on the lookout for something new and exciting, give Sic Bo a try! 

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