918Kiss Review

For avid gamblers in Malaysia and Singapore looking for a reputable online casino where they can try their luck, the sheer amount of options available online can be daunting. A quick search on Google about best online casinos in Malaysia will give you tens of pages of options. This means that it can be impossible to randomly choose the best one.

That’s why we are here for you. We have tested tens of online casinos operating in the region, and one of the online casinos whose popularity has grown exponentially in the last couple of years is 918Kiss. But does it live up to its promise? Is it legit? What types of games does it offer?

Well, our detailed 918Kiss review covers everything you need to know about this online casino firm based in Malaysia. Read on to know more about it.

Overview of 918Kiss

Formerly branded as SCR888 casino, 918Kiss popularity is largely because of:

  • Being aimed solely on mobile users
  • Large selection of popular mobile-friendly casino games
  • Having the highest probability to win free red packet up to RM1800++ for as many times per day
  • Having at least one jackpot hit every day
  • Keeping you logged in until you manually log out

Players can now get download 918Kiss app by clicking the Android download or IOS download buttons and enjoy a better gaming experience. Instead of having to use your computer to play online games, this app allows you
to play live games with other players such as Dragon Tiger Live, Baccarat Live, Roulette Live, etc. from the comfort of your smartphone.

When it comes to online casinos, they’re a dime a dozen these days. And you’ll find a dizzying array of flashy and vibrant casinos on the Internet that are popular among both beginners and veteran players alike.

That said, what makes or breaks an online casino isn’t necessarily its sleek design and layout appeal (though it does play a part in attracting and retaining players). On the contrary, security, ease-of-access, and diversity of games are some of the factors that bring customers back time and time again to play in a casino. 

Furthermore, the odd promotion, events, and bonuses here and there also help to cement 918Kiss’ position as one of the top online casino providers in the region. 918Kiss then obviously fulfils these parameters — for the most part.  

Formerly known as SCR888 in its previous iteration, 918Kiss is touted as a beginner-friendly online casino provider that has successfully established itself among the Southeast Asian gaming community including Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. This success is in part due to its vivid and colourful facade, as well as the various sound effects, tunes, and pretty graphics it has that can also be found in many of your standard physical casinos.

At its core, 918Kiss is your basic application-based online casino where users and players will need to register an account and deposit money to play one of the myriads of games available in its collection. The deposited capital will then be translated into in-app credits for the players to spend on bets.

Speaking of the bets, you’ll be able to place wagers on games covering a wide range of genres including slots, fishing games, shooting games, and even a line up of live casino table games such as poker, baccarat, and roulette.

Certainly, the brand’s reputation is now at an all-time high as it has managed to fulfil its initial promise of offering great games, excellent service, and regularly scheduled promotions. 918Kiss casino was formerly known as SCR888, one of the largest casino platform in Malaysia.

But is that all there is to 918Kiss’ success? Read on to find out!

Why 918Kiss?

As a popular online casino provider, it’s unsurprising that the largest online casino in Asia is also home to the region’s largest collection of games. 918Kiss is backed by some of the most well-known names in the industry, including Play88 and Mega888. 

Online casinos are considered an entertainment platform for users to spend their precious free time in, thus one of the key factors in building a well-received casino is to curate your content so that they match your userbase’s varying tastes and preferences. 918Kiss’ method of achieving widespread acceptance is by drawing from its massive pool of games so that their users will have countless games to pick from at all times and won’t feel bored. 

But while quantity may be a great measurement of success, it’s certainly not the be-all and end-all of a high-quality online casino. 

The Quality of The Games On 918Kiss

In this fiercely competitive market, it definitely does not bode well if you only have the numbers but lack the finesse in your games to retain the attention of your players. The reality of the situation is that consumers have become far smarter than their peers years ago. And along with that, their attention spans have also greatly decreased. 

You would therefore need to have games that are able to grab your users’ attention for longer periods of time if you want to be successful. To that end, 918Kiss is fully dedicated to giving all of its users the highest quality content curated from a smorgasbord of top-of-the-line online casino software providers. 

A large chunk from 918Kiss’ cache of games offers a visually appealing experience. Moreover, each of the entries also comes with an unusually high replay value, mainly due to the sheer potential profitability that each game offers. 

Oh, and lest we forget, some of the top games that have received the most hype on 918Kiss are as follows:

  • Ocean King
  • Da Sheng Nao Hai
  • Battle World
  • Racing Car

The abovementioned games are but a taste of what 918Kiss has to offer. With how thoroughly entertaining each of these titles is, it further cements 918Kiss as the top contender when it comes to rewarding online casino experiences. 

918Kiss is Known For Plenty of Promotions And Bonuses

Raise of hands: who here enjoys regularly scheduled promotions and bonuses when they play games online?

If you answered yes, congrats! You and many other consumers fall into the same category of players who would undoubtedly enjoy a few promotions here and there while playing in an online casino.

Case in point, 918Kiss offers nothing but attractive promotions and is currently considered one of the most generous online casino providers in the market. Indeed, the sheer amount of free cash being “handed away” makes 918Kiss a great place to start your online casino journey, in our honest opinion.

For instance, 918Kiss’ promotions and bonuses encompass a first deposit bonus, the starter pack bonus, slot bonuses, card game bonuses, and fishing game rebates just to name a few.

918Kiss is A Safe And Secure Platform

This is one of the most basic criteria to consider when you choose an online casino. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how entertaining or good your games are. If your security systems are not up to standard, your clients and cash flow will be at risk of attack and subsequently, your reputation in the industry will fall. 

In short, weak security equals bad business! 

Suffice to say, 918Kiss meets the standards not only at the ground level but also surpasses a few international standards. Some of the security measures employed by 918Kiss include:

  • Licensing by multiple accredited and official gaming organizations.
  • Two-factor authentication linking each user’s email and the 918Kiss app.
  • Uses 128-bit encryption to protect personal information and account passwords.
  • Placing a huge chunk of the company’s annual budget to always improving security systems.
  • Employs the use of secure payment gateways like EeziePay and Help2Pay for players to deposit funds.
  • Features a strong firewall system to protect players from external threats like hacks or malicious attacks.

Other Aspects that make 918Kiss Malaysia stand out

  1. User-friendly interface. It will not take long before you get used with 918Kiss platform
  2. There are different themes and dynamic jackpot animation
  3. All slots have attractive graphics
  4. Transparency. There are no hidden fees, complicated jargons, or surprises. Everything is self-explanatory
  5. Easy access to the app. For those who want to download 918Kiss iOS or Android app, you can do it here or head to Google Play or Apple Store. Once you have downloaded and installed the 918Kiss APK, you should sign up, and that’s it. Viola!
  6. This online casino is licensed and regulated by Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR), and thus genuine